About Us

Welcome to Stella Bella Co.

We are moms with a purpose! :) ‘To create dazzling bows to beautify your babe, simplify your day, and help little one’s in need.” Learn more about Our Mission here.

We’re lovers of the cutest accessories, saving time, and simplifying our lives. We care about being the best moms we can be.

We know what it’s like to dress up babe perfectly for an Insta moment, only to turn around and see her expensive bow gone missing; and how frustrating it can be to have our child running around with their hair looking homeless. We know the struggle all too well of having our little one not wearing a bow and have someone comment, “what a cute little boy.” As moms, we get it.

With all the challenges and every other decision we have as moms, it becomes overwhelming to stay on top of it all. I mean, who has the time to shop for, pick out, and match styles for their babe all while juggling every other inherent obligation as a mom?

So, we found a way to get the best of both worlds! To keep our sanity in the mornings and have our babes looking Instagram ready, we started making bows. It was so much fun to create our bows, and the results turned out so brilliantly that we wanted every mom to experience the Stella Bella way.

We spend countless hours matching colors and patterns with fabrics and styles – all to create the perfect combination of bows every single month. We are your Bow Connoisseurs™. We know what the trend is. Leave it to us. No more buying and losing expensive bows. No more ruined Instagram moments. No more homely hair. And no more having your daughter being called a boy.

Relax. Go get that Dirty Diet Coke, enjoy your time with your babe, and know you have one less thing to worry about! Leave it to us to get the most fashion forward, gorgy looking bows for your babe. Just throw on a bow and you’re good to go. You’re welcome.


Your Stella Bella Fam